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06 Feb 2017 
Baked Potatoes are great, but I don't know a single person who eats beef stew on the hob plain. It was that realization that led me to want to write this article. How fun it is to add a topping to a potato and give it that extra flavor. Plus the kids like to get in to the action and when they create their own food, they usually want to eat it. Read this article to discover the top 10 potato toppers.

Chicken lover? Enjoy Kung Pao Chicken, $10.35; Peking Style Chicken, $12.95; or perhaps the Crispy Pepper Skin Duckling, $14.35. Pork? Go with the Shredded Pork & Dried Bean Curd with jalapeno pepper, $10.35; or maybe the Minced Jalapeno Pepper Sauteed Pork & Squid with dry bean curd, $9.95. And beef? Delicious Shredded Beef with green peppers, $11.35 may just be your ticket; or perhaps the Orange Beef, $13.95, or Szechuan beef casserole, $11.95.

This is basically the only one at work and its really decent. Jerk chicken, beef stew jamie oliver, ox stew and all the best Caribbean foodstuff full of tasty flavors that could keep you coming back again again and again. Nothing of a seating space though, yet the food may makeup for it.

Deep and dark ales are a perfect winter-style beer with its malty and rich flavors. Ales have a rich aroma that welcomes the drinker, and is perfect for pairing with a hearty stew. Some brown ales have a very slight sweetness to them while others can be found a bit bitter for those who enjoy a little bitterness in their ales. No matter which ale is being poured, all are good served with roast meats and also grilled items, like steak and poultry.

Healthy chili recipes can also benefit from using leaner grinds of meat. Even when using lean meat, you should drain and discard as much of the fat as possible. This is not only healthier but will help you avoid consuming unwanted and unnecessary calories. That's a good thing.

One of easy and simple ways to take something new is to discover a conventional oven beef casserole with potatoes. And adapt it with the crock pot so that they can create your possess original crock marijuana beef stew formula.

The broth arguably the most important part of a good stew. You have several options; bullion, broth, homemade broth, cream of mushroom soup, Liptons onion soup mix, beer, wine or water. All of them are flavored liquids used for the same purpose: to boil the meat. If you use beer or wine you will need to keep the ratio to about 25% of the total liquid in the stew. The rule here is that the ingredients must be covered in liquid. If you don't have enough of one thing, just add some salted water. It's very important that you have some salt in the stew at this point. This allows the salt to marry with the other ingredients, making each bite seasoned.

Have your kids skip, hop, and crawl over furniture to avoid the dangers of the floor. This can be anything; lava, ocean, sharks, etc. This teaches them great physical skills, and if one of the furniture breaks, it only gives a great chance to learn first aid. Learning what can support them or all the weird ways that a child and move around is great entertainment. Odds are very good that with a child nothing is truly going to break. After all, furniture was meant to be used. Let the kids climb and move around. To get your self involved you can be the shark that tries to capture the children from the floor. You will not believe all of the giggles and laughs you will get from this game.
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